Unique Nativity

Exclusive & Innovative Nativity Sets

Enjoy our collection of beautiful, creative nativity sets. We feature nativities from around the world. Many of our nativity sets are handmade, which makes them very special and one of a kind. Others are exclusive in a way that they lean a bit away from the traditional nativity sets we see a lot. However, all portray the birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We hope you will find them a little non-ordinary and a lot of fun!

Unique Nativity

Authentic Cultural Nativity Sets

We are excited about our funky nativity collection and will be busy trying to find something a little "beyond" different. Our authentic cultural nativity sets are second to none in uniqueness and craftsmanship, and it's our wish to have something for almost everyone in our unique traditional collection. We will be delighted if you find a Christmas nativity set so appealing, you leave it up all year long. Enjoy shopping, and we hope you find something you like!

Unique Nativity

An Assortment of Nativity Sets

Unique Nativity takes pleasure in offering an assortment of nativity sets so that you can find one to compliment your style and the special look of your home. Please contact us if you have any requests, comments, or ideas. We will be periodically adding products to each of our nativity set groupings, so visit us often! Thank you so much for shopping!

About Unique & Artistic Nativity Sets

Variety of Quality Nativity Sets

Unique Nativity

Tyler Mae Company in Beulah, Wyoming, is excited to introduce Unique Nativity, where our customers can choose from a variety of quality nativity sets, each unique and artistic, and some of them one of a kind . We aspire to meet all your needs, ensure that you’re confident about our services and pleased with our products.

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Unique Nativity

Christina Ingalls is the owner of our firm, and our goal is to maintain a website that offers visitors the opportunity to shop for varieties of nativity sets that are not usually available to them locally. We are passionate about serving you with integrity and hope to build a solid reputation.

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Unique Nativity

We would love to hear from you, so please feel free to email with any comments or suggestions. Thanks again for shopping, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help in your search for the perfect nativity set!

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Unique Nativity

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